Below are some resources that you are welcome to use for your church. Click on the icon to open the file. EXCEPTION: In the "Bylaws" section, the text is also linked to allow you to view two different examples.

Employee Handbook

Sample handbook of church HR policies and procedures.

Administrator Job Description

Sample job description for a church financial administrator. Includes duties, duties and personnel responsibilities. 

Sabbatical Policy

Sample policy for ministry staff sabbatical. Includes sabbatical purpose, types of sabbatical, eligibility, and more. 

Severance Policy

Sample severance policy, which includes conditions for severance and the amount of severance provided based on years of service. 

Purchasing Policy

Sample purchasing policy. Includes approval levels, types expenses, definitions, and general purchasing procedure. 


Conflict of Interest Policy

Sample conflict of interest policy. Includes instances when a conflict of interest may be an issue, and the necessary actions as a result of this conflict.