7.12.18 - First On-Site Interview

We continue to fast and pray for our search process to be Spirit-led. We have faith God has “set apart” a couple for the work in St. Louis, and that He will make it clear who that couple is. We have also been encouraged by the many brothers and sisters who have been fasting and praying alongside the committee during this process. You inspire us!

Here are a few updates on the search: 

  • The position has been posted on Disciples Today for about a week and a half. View the job posting here.

  • We are excited to announce that our first couple to visit will be John and Barri Lusk.  John and Barri have applied for the position and will be in town July 20-22. They will interview with the Search Committee and the Eldership on Saturday, July 21. John will also preach on Sunday July 22nd to the church.

  • A second candidate has also applied in the last few days. The Search Committee is vetting this candidate to determine if they are qualified for an on-site visit.

  • If you know of an Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader who would be interested in the position, please contact anyone on the Search Committee to let them know.

We also want to thank everyone who submitted a survey, either in person or online. We had a tremendous response rate, and wanted to share the results of the survey with you. Click here to view a summary of the responses.

7.3.18 Application Process Initiated

To make the process uniform for all candidates, the Search Committee has created an application. You can view the application here: http://apply.gatewaycitychurch.info Feel free to share this link with anyone who may be interested in applying for the position.

We also invite all members to join us in prayer and fasting as we search for the ideal candidate. Please ask for God's guidance through this process.

7.3.18 - Make Your Voice Heard

As we go through the process of selecting a new Lead Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader for Gateway, our Search Committee wants to know what qualities you consider important. To that end, they have created a short, 4-question survey that they invite all current Gateway members to complete.


Click here to take the survey now.


This survey will remain open through Tuesday, July 10th. A paper version of the same will also be available this coming Sunday, July 8th, however all hard-copy replies must be submitted the same day, by the end of service on July 8th. Whether you chose to complete the paper or electronic version, it is only necessary for you to complete the survey once.


6.29.18 - The Search Is On!

Gateway City Church is currently seeking a Lead Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader. This page will include updates about the process, so that members can stay informed.

Your Search Team (in alphabetical order):

Larnise Boain

Maribel Chebuske

Jeff Hovey  (Chair)

Karanja Kiburi

Kathleen Palmer

Erin Pottinger

Heidi Rice

Dan Schroeder (Vice Chair)

Jason Shiffler

Hadrian Suber

Zachary Tucker

Have thoughts to share? Email the Search Team: