Heartland Parenting Workshop

Wednesday, November 29th, 7 PM on Zoom

Join us for this free, two-part parenting workshop with Dr. Ryan Erbe! All parents are welcome to attend, but especially parents of teens and preteens. Click the button below to join the class on November 29th at 7 PM Central Time.

About the Workshop

Class 1- “Ephesians 6:4 Parenting”: This class examines the Biblical Foundations of parenting through the lens of Ephesians 6:4. The connection between Biblical principles and what is known about effective parenting styles from psychological science is made. The class concludes with practical applications for parents and mentors based on Biblical teaching and psychological evidence.

Class 2- “Train Up a Child”: This class examines key Bible verses that provide instructions for raising children/adolescents. “Training Up a Child” is a key theme across
these instructive verses. Evidence from neuroscience suggests that adolescence is a “window of opportunity” for training which is explored. The class concludes with practical applications for parents and mentors based on Biblical teaching and neuroscientific evidence.

About the Speaker

Dr Ryan Erbe has worked with adolescents for 20 years as a middle school and high school health education teacher, coach, college professor, and teen ministry leader. He currently works as an Assistant Professor at the United States Military Academy where he teaches and conducts research on character formation and psychology. His areas of teaching and research interests include emotion regulation and meditation. An Adjunct Professor for the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology, Ryan teaches the course “Christian Adolescence Counselling”. He has over 15 peer-reviewed publications, and has presented his “Essence of Adolescence” workshop around the world for churches in Canada, Kenya, London, NY, Chicago, and Houston. Ryan lives in Highland Falls, NY with his wife and four children.

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